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Benefits of Joining a Blogging Community

coffee-shop-computerWhat does your blogger life look like? As a blogger/ influencer the main part is our computer or mobile device. For many of us this could be some comfortable area of our house where we sit with a computer, but usually we are alone. Then if we look at our friends and family, how many of them understand what we do and what it involves?


If your experience is anything like mine with blogging and becoming an influencer, it has been a solo journey. Even though my friends and family find my work and site interesting, they don’t completely understand it. So not having someone to relate to or communicate with can be difficult, and causes some to stop making content all together.


Here’s why you need to be a part of a blogging community:


Socialize- Communities can introduce you to people who are writing about topics similar to yours, or that you are interested in. It provides the opportunity to find people who you can relate to chat with. Plus many groups have events, social media parties, and give information on conferences. Also, there’s a chance to create collaboration opportunities.


Education- Being around a bunch of bloggers who have different levels of experience allows the group to learn from each other. Many groups have forums and charts where information about techniques, tools and apps are shared thus growing brand/blog. Members can also share information about local or online events that can be used for content.


Accountability- Have you ever wanted someone’s opinion on your content or an idea but didn’t have anyone to ask? Communities provide you a way to ask questions and get advice from other bloggers and influencer. Plus you can bounce ideas and thoughts off them and get support for your new post or projects.


To find local or online groups look on websites like Facebook or Meetup.



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